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Bohnet, Max; Gertz, Carsten (2011):
Simulating the Impact of increasing oil prices on land use and mobility in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. John D. Hunt und John E. Abraham (Hg.): CUPUM 2011. 12th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management. Proceedings CD-ROM. Lake Louise. Calgary.
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Bohnet, Max; Gerhards, Eva; Rauch Anna (2012):
Migration and job change decisions in times of strongly rising energy prices: the microsimulation model €LAN. Paper presented on the Kuhmo Nectar Conference and Summer School on Transportation Economics 2012 - Annual conference of the ITEA. Berlin.
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Matthes, Gesa (2011):
Explaining Reurbanization - Empirical evidence of intraregional migration as a long-term mobility decision from Germany. Association for European Transport: European Transport Conference 2011 (Proceedings), Seminar: Sustainable Land Use and Transport, Glasgow, Okt. 2011.
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